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The following is a schedule of the common events that occur and will help you plan for the installation of your new roof. We expect that all members of the Majestic Roofing Team are courteous and responsive to your concerns, and that is what you can expect.

  1. A Personal Roofing Consultant will meet with you at your home to accurately measure your roof and discuss the work to be done. This is essential to ensure that all of the details are taken care of. You will be looking at your new roof for a very long time. Your Personal Roofing Consultant will show you the various types and colors of roofing materials in your price range for your selection.

  2. When you have signed our contract, we will submit the required documents to your insurance company for approval, meet with adjusters if necessary, and submit final invoicing to expedite release of final payment to you.

  3. As soon as your insurance company approves the contract, we will order out your job. The roofing Supply Company will deliver your materials, and whenever possible, will deliver to your roof. You might not notice that the materials are up there. We will have been notified of your delivery, but we do not notify you as schedules, weather, and crew sizes vary day to day and all work is completed outside. Within a few days of delivery, a roofing crew will arrive to install your new roof.

  4. The work will usually take two to four days, depending of he specific job. Specialty jobs could take a little longer. The crew will work on your job until completed. There is no need for you to be home while our crews are there, since our work is done outside.

  5. Weather delays in Colorado are brief. If raining, the crew usually just waits until the rain stops. If it snows, under normal conditions, the delay is only one day. The roof is always left completely dried in. Your roof will never be left uncovered.

  6. Crews will do a cursory cleanup at the end of each working day. This cleanup includes clearing the driveways of nails, cleaning walkways, and keeping the work site looking neat. The crew will do a complete cleanup when the job is complete, ensuring the debris is cleaned up. They will run a nail magnet over the entire yard and pick up any excess materials. Our average job consists of 24,000 nails and 18,000 pounds of material; so please be aware after we leave, you will find a small amount of miscellaneous material.

  7. Different crews usually perform gutter and siding work. Normally roofing work will be done first and then gutter and siding work.

  8. Access to your roof is a must. In all cases, we will make the best decisions for access, although at times it will be necessary to use areas of certain requirements to us. Grass and flowers are healthy and upon occasion you will notice temporary damage; relax, it will be okay.

  9. We would also like to make certain of existing situations as a new roof will bring your attention to areas you have not noticed prior; such as open soffits, sidewall, vinyl siding gaps and damage, chimneys, and facial boards.

  10. Please help our crews by providing access to electrical outlets, removing any vehicles that may hinder us and taking special care of any outdoor lawn furniture and decorations.

  11. Please take a moment and review your interior personal items of concern and properly take precautions, you may notice white specs from your popcorn ceilings that can not be prevented.

  12. After all your work is complete, your Personal Roofing Consultant will do a final inspection of the work, go over any details with you and collect the amount due.

  13. Payments is due when the work is complete. If you haven’t received your final insurance payment when the work is done, you will pay us only what you have received plus your deductible. We will make all efforts to expedite your receipt of insurance payments.

  14. Payment is not contingent upon inspection by any city or county. Some entities are quite slow in doing inspections, especially if it’s a busy time of the year.

  15. Upon your full payment, you will receive a certificate of warranty. This warranty covers workmanship for two years. Your limited manufacturer’s warranty is dependent on the roofing materials you purchased. You will also receive a lien waiver.

  16. Remember: You have hired us for a construction project and we will do all we can to assure a pleasurable experience – please help us to do so.

We appreciate you as a customer and want to earn your business for life. We expect to take care of all your future roofing needs, and have set our standards accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

We offer a referral rebate to our valued customers who tell their friends and family about us. Your referral rebate will be sent to you when the new customers pays for their completed roof. Make sure they tell us that you referred them when they call.

Thank you,

Majestic Roofing

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