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Over 40 Years Experience - A+ Rated with BBB

Thank you for considering Majestic Roofing. We appreciate the opportunity to represent you with respect to your roofing needs. As a contractor, we feel an obligation to educate you so that your decision is one you can feel comfortable making. Customer service is a concept we feel very strongly about and apply all our resources to ensure it. We approach every job as it was our own and you should expect no less. Hopefully this packet will assist you in the selection of a roofing contractor. We have been conducting business in this manner for over 30 years in Colorado. As we look to the future, workmanship and customer satisfaction will continue to be our top priority.

Your roof can only wear and perform as well as the materials used to cover it. As with any other product there are substantial differences. You should not expect a shingle warranted by the manufacturer for 20 years to provide the length of wear that a 25 or 50 year warranted would give. However, during the time of the warranty period the performances are all the same. For appearance characteristics, Dimensional shingle are differentiated from standard 3 – tab by a partially raised surface that will give a rougher or “wood shingle” appearance to your roof. These shingles are recommended to be installed on steeper roofs to create the irregular surface appearance. Ask your Personal Roofing Consultant for other products that are currently available and the pricing. Underlayment consists of plain rooting felt installed over the plywood surface of your roof decking. lt provides a barrier between the deck and the new shingles. lf your roof is being installed over existing shingles the felt is not required. Low pitch roofs are underlayed with 15 pound felt while steeper (7 inch in l2 inch pitch or greater) require 30 pound felts.

At Majestic Roofing, we will not compromise quality with low-grade materials or inappropriate material for the job requirements. Since your home or business will likely be your most substantial investment, cutting corners on what covers and protects it seems inappropriate.

Our workmanship warranty covers 2 years. This warranty covers any problems that are due to faulty workmanship. Upon final payment, Majestic Roofing will provide the appropriate manufacture warranty for the materials used. Composition roofing (i.e., T-Lock, 3-Tab Dimensional) will range from 20 to Lifetime. Tile ranges from 50 to Lifetime and Flat or Modified range from 10 to 20 years.

The prevailing trend in insurance claims is to hold back a portion of funds that is needed to make payment on your roof`. This can up to 50%. the term they use for this practice is “depreciation”. Please don`t let this mislead you. While it connotes a loss, it simply means a temporary hold on your insurance funds. The remaining portion will be sent to you when Majestic Roofing, or any other roofing company, send you the final invoice. However, if the invoice is less than what they have allotted, they will only release up to the amount of the invoice. So essentially, the insurance company has taken away the need to shop for price. You may choose the roofing company of your choice. Please choose a company that is properly insured and has a proven track record.

Majestic Roofing will be happy to provide you with the following:

  1. Better Business Bureau A+ Rated in good standing.

  2. Recent installation references.

  3. Certificates of Insurance, a copy of our Insurance Audit.

  4. A copy of the warranty you will receive.

The homeowner will receive:

  1. An inspection of the completed installation by your Majestic Roofing Personal Roofing Consultant.

  2. Material Warranty

  3. Workmanship Warranty

  4. Lien Waiver


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