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Hail Damage

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Majestic Roofing: Your Go-To Solution for Hail Damage Repair

In a matter of minutes a violent Colorado hailstorm can hit. Your roof, exposed and vulnerable, can take a real beating in a short space of time. It doesn’t matter if the hail is the size of a golf ball or a pellet, in a few minutes hail can destroy your roofing shingles for good.

Storm trackers looking to make a quick buck

What a majority of consumers don’t realize is shady roofing contractors are primed to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners on the heels of a hailstorm. They practice a tried-and-true method of bilking people out of their money. The scenario generally proceeds as follows:

• They track storm reports and blanket an area that has been hard-hit with flyers and pamphlets.

• They formulate a hasty estimate of the hail damage, and what it will cost to make repairs in a particular area.

• They contact homeowners and persuade them repairs can be done at lightening speed at a cost-effective price.

• They persuade homeowners to sign on the dotted line for work to be done, and also sign a contract before they understand what they’ve agreed to.

The outcome is your roof will be a dead loss in five years time. That’s because inferior materials have been used. The object lesson is you get what you pay for. And that means the roofing contractor hasn’t dealt with the underlying structural problems. They’ve only delivered a ban-aid solution.

Separate the good from the bad

Not all roofing contractors are rip-off artists. To find a reputable one to protect yourself and your investment heed the following advice:

• Get a copy of the contractor’s license. Regardless of how large or small the repair work to be done will be, you need security the job will be done by professionals.

• Know state law. In 2012 a bill was passed in Colorado, banning roofing contractors from cashing any payments before materials’ delivery and a significant amount of work has been accomplished.

• Don’t make verbal agreements. By law Colorado roofing contractors must write up a contract for both parties’ protection.

To further protect yourself from roofing scammers ensure you:

• Hire in your area. This will protect you from disreputable roofing contractors from out-of-town preying on you.

• Ask about insurance. Besides obtaining a copy of the contractor’s license, also get verification they are insured appropriately.

• Get references. Any reputable hail damage and roofing contractor should have no hesitation about giving you names and contact information of customers, who’ve experienced satisfaction with the contractor’s work.

• Go over the contract with a fine-tooth comb. When you receive the written estimate and contract from your local roofing contractor, exam the documents at length and clarify anything vague or not understandable.

You’re in good hands with Majestic Roofing

When you require hail damage repair and need a professional roofing contractor, turn to Majestic Roofing, operating in Denver and all of Northern Colorado. We have been in business for over years. We take pride in our work and will give you impeccable and highly-skilled service. It’s our promise to you.

Majestic Roofing is:

• Locally owned and operated.

• Has an A+ rating from the Colorado Better Business Bureau.

• Employs Personal Roofing Consultants to handle your project.

• Provides an emergency contact number if an issue arises.


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